Clearwater, Florida (HAHAJK) – When a film says “inspired by a true story” you expect it to be a slightly watered down version of actual events.  However, when you sees  a picture of a dolphin with a prosthetic tale on a movie poster, you expect to see a movie about a half-dolphin/half robot killing machine that fires lasers from its eyes and fights creatures from the deep.

Winter's only abilities include making you cry and squeaking

While there is plenty of manipulated fiction in the heartwarming new family film “Dolphin Tale,” there are absolutely zero cyborg dolphins engaging in battles with great white sharks or sea monsters.

A large number of movie-going patrons were reportedly upset after paying good, hard-earned money to see a movie that was in many opinions, “falsely advertised”.

“This thing has a robot tail on it,” one movie-goer told HAHAJK. “Where was the half shark/half tank bad guy? I thought this movie was supposed to be RoboCop/Dolphin Hybrid movie.”

Instead, the central crux of the story is the film’s marine mammal star, an adorable dolphin named Winter, who’s only noticeable power is the ability to warm your heart and make you cry for an hour and a half.

The real dolphin, Winter, became a media darling and is the star attraction of the Clearwater Aquarium in Florida, after being rescued and given the prosthetic back in 2005.

That still isn’t sitting well with the angry masses expecting $13.50 back in a refund or coupon they can use again at the snack bar.

Another patron had this to say, “Look, I feel duped, and all I want back is my money and a few tissues of Kleenex, because this is the saddest movie I have ever seen. I wanted to see lasers and fighting. I don’t want to address my human emotions.”

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