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August 03, 2016

This week's videos will make you all scream.

This week’s videos will make you all scream.

Another Shocking Police Video

This is very cute and everyone loves ice cream, but maybe now’s not the time for police to get into the pranking business.

Human Contact

A man and two cans of contact cement will remind that not every idea is a good idea.

h/t Digg

Remember the 80s?

If you don’t, this video, which reimagines Netflix’s newest hit series as an 80s sitcom, pretty much fills in all the blanks.

Gotta Watch ‘Em All

The latest Pokémon mashup to make waves on the world wide web is this one featuring the band Metallica. You see, the gag here is that the band’s not actually singing the theme song to Pokémon, but somehow they made it look just like they are. Incredible stuff. Hooray internet!


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, post-surgery videos are the greatest genre of entertainment known to mankind.

h/t Reddit