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Published January 10, 2012
1. "What play did you run on that last pass? I know I didn't call that shit.." 2. "Not even I know how the fuck you pulled that one off, swear to me." 3. "I'm starting to see a whole lot of Judas in that John Elway guy....kill him." 4. "When that reporter asked you how you made all those in-game adjustments, you almost forgot to thank me first and foremost. Don't let that shit happen again." 5. "Funny how Roger Goodell has kept his distance from you. What'd I tell ya about that guy.." 6. "Do you have any idea how much ass you could be getting right now? I just don't get it..I know I never taught you that shit." 7. "I lost a lot of money in Vegas because of you bucko! Chill, chill..I'm just fucking with you." 8. "You know I'm only doing this for you because I am sick and fucking tired of hearing about Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga." 9. "Want a bump? No?? My me, do you party at all?! 10."Hey do they still got McRib goin' on at Mickey D's? Damn it..."   •mistereffoex