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September 24, 2015

ABC is picking up Rhimes' fifth concurrent television show, and she has hundreds more in the works.

Shonda Rhimes announced that she has a new show in development with ABC — a medical drama that takes place in Iraq. Combine this with Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, and The Catch, and Rhimes will have a record-breaking five shows on television at once. She actually has hundreds of other shows in the works. Here are nine more that will definitely get picked up next season.

Doctors With Borders – A powerful female surgeon, Amanda Borders, is on the ground in Sudan helping refugees day in and day out, while also advocating for them in the White House. The only catch is her steamy relationship with the head of the U.N. threatens to ruin everything she’s worked for.

Above The Bar – Miranda Matthews is a powerful female immigration attorney who doesn’t play by the rules. She helps her clients by doing what’s right — not what’s legal. The only hitch is her on-again/off-again steamy relationship with the head of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. And when will she learn the biggest secret of all — that she herself is an illegal immigrant?

Not Your Mother’s Spy – Natasha Boystov is a powerful female Russian spy — or is she? Could she be a double agent? Our only clues are the steamy affairs that she’s having with both Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin. Will she betray her country, or her heart?

Blank Screen – Constance Hubble is a powerful female Silicon Valley app developer who also solves unsolvable medical mysteries with her cutting-edge tech team. But will she ever be able to solve the mystery of who her father really is? And, through a series of flashbacks, we learn that she once had a steamy affair with Steve Jobs.

Funny Scandal – In this hilarious sitcom, Olivia Pope is a power female Washington D.C. fixer. She protects politicians’ reputations by any means necessary. There’s only one catch — she’s having a steamy, and hilarious, affair with the President of the United States!

Dr. President – Naomi Franklin is a power female President of the United States who also happens to be the world’s best neurosurgeon. She runs the country and saves lives. This is until her relationship with the White House hospital chief of surgery turns steamy. Will this conflict of interest destroy American politics forever? Was building a White House hospital a bad idea?

The Steam Room – Jessica McDonald is a powerful female. And Jessica just happens to be in a steamy relationship with two steamy guys. But who will she choose? One might ruin her career, which we don’t really know what it is because honestly who cares about that? The other might ruin her heart.

The American Doctor – Annie Mitchell is a powerful female neurosurgeon and a former President of the United States. She saves lives and builds her presidential library. That is until her relationship with her Secret Service agent turns steamy — and she learns he’s been a Russian spy all along … or is he? He could also be the head of surgery from a competing hospital trying to ruin her practice — and her heart.

This Woman Is Powerful And In Charge But She Also Has A Vulnerable Side That Is Very Compelling – Tonya Grey is a powerful female former Russian spy and American president who’s given up her elite position as partner in a law firm to set up a medical app in Iraq, where she learns how to become a neurosurgeon when her estranged father comes back from India. She has a steamy affair with a different powerful man in every episode. The show doesn’t make any sense, but no one cares because Tonya is a well-written female lead with a great sense of fashion.

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