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February 27, 2017

We Altered This Man's Voice to Protect His Identity, Now We Can't Understand What He's Saying

Well…that’s embarrassing.

Someone at our office really screwed the pooch.
A man came in to give an interview about some bullshit that happened the other day or whatever, and he asked to have his voice altered in pitch so he would be unrecognizable.

That’s all fair and good, except some fucking moron in post-production edited his voice way too much, making it impossible to hear a single word the man said. Not only did the post-production idiot shift the pitch of the man’s voice, he also added tons of reverb and reversed the original recording.

To make matters worse, some other asshole blurred his face as a way to solidify the man’s request to remain anonymous. The problem with that is that now we can’t find this piece of shit to ask him what he said. No one remembers what he looks like, and when we asked around the office to see if anyone remembered his name, seven people said Dan, and five people said it was “Definitely not Dan.”

So, yeah. We totally fucked this one up. We’re sorry.