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Published March 23, 2010
I have now been on FOD for a month.  Before this, I was puttering on Facebook with old friends.  I'd discovered that many of them were very different, boring people compared to how I remembered them.  I've lived alone for a year now, for the first time in my life. I'm barely a year on the other side of the break-up of my relationship, 14 years, that I'd thought would never end. It sucks to have to crop a beautiful person out of all my photos.

 The FBing friends experience was depressing.  For health crap, I've had to stop drinking.  So I can't really go out.  I'm working on my own project at home, I don't have to be anywhere.  Basically I've been busy enough, going on with my new life, but with an umbrella of boredom.  So, anyway, we have a blizzard.  At Penn State, when there was a blizzard, you had to have your sidewalks shoveled by 10am and then be at work or school.  In Baltimore, I did not realize, when it snows, you can't leave.  The roads don't get plowed, no stores open.  Now what did occur where 2 unbelievable blizzards that would have snarled even Buffalo.  (NOTE: The stealth bomber is nearing--to read over it, just drag the cursor to high-light the words. I want my bombers real bad, but in the blog section they're a bother.)   But still I was housebound for a really long time, and hadn't expected it.  So then the Olympics come on.  What a relief, something.  So I watched the opening ceremonies and it was all very lovely until the very last part, the penultimate event of the torches rising up to be lit.  One would not come up.  Flawless until that point, then the main thing the whole deal was for didn't work.  And they're Canadians--so ernest in their presentation.

So this is the interesting part as far as this whole new world for me.  It's cold, dark, I LIGHT A CANDLE.  The lighter I used is one of those long kind for the fireplace.  So the candle is lit, and I sit down to my computer.  I'd banned myself from the news for good reasons.  So, I'm at my computer, I don't feel like working.  For some reason I thought about learning how to make videos.  This is a Mac, with the iMovie app.  Then I see my lighter near me, remember I have another lighter like that that didn't work, therefore my idea was born, to spoof the torch lighting ceremony.  That's the first video I'd ever made, and it is the first one here on my page.  I put it on Facebook.  Everyone thought it was funny, and someone suggested I put it on youtube.  I thought, holy hell, I'd never want my face on the internet, I can't put this on youtube.  Blame it on the blizzard.  I did put it on youtube, and in a little over a week it got around 1k hits.  I think I saw some FOD videos on buzzfeed.  So I checked FOD out, and I ended up putting my videos here.  I think at that point I'd made 3, 4?  Almost as soon as I showed up, Kim said hello.  Then Ian came around too.  We made friends.  They introduced me to more of you, then more through others and others.  I got snobby about youtube and put everything on FOD.  Now I've been here a month, but it feels like it's been a whole lot longer.  I've talked to more people this month than since I moved into my new place in August.  Now I'm on here all the time, talking to different people, learning all sorts of things, and trying to "better my craft."

My main point would be how unexpected this was.  !5 minutes before I thought of making my Olympics video, I had no idea this new FOD life I've found existed.  Now I'm here all the time, feeling welcome and more and more a part of a community.  And I've loved it!  People here are interesting.  I think that to be witty, you have to be pretty damn smart--finding so Many people somewhere, it just doesn't happen.  I'm so grateful for everyone, I'd have to say especially Kim and Ian.  They were so welcoming and positive.  And then so many doors opened.  You can wander on here for hours.  And I have, and my life is richer because of all of it.  So, I just wanted to say thank you, and I'm very happy here, and I'm having more fun than I have in a really long time.


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