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July 31, 2008


Last Friday, I, like many Americans, headed to the movies and checked out Step Brothers. Last Friday, when it was all over, I, like many Americans, couldn't believe what a friggin' great time I had. Step Brothers was a total hit. But there's more to the story. Last night, I, along with my friend, headed to the movies again. What were we going to see? The answer is none other than Step Brothers. And again, the laughs were coming fast and furious. But in all this, two ineteresting and unique things happened: Number 1, I went to the movies on the first night a film opened-something I have not done in a while. Number 2, I saw the same movie twice in theatres-something I have not done since Jurassic Park 3 in 2001. And I have to say, it was better to see Step Brothers twice than the 3rd dinosaur installment. Interestingly, in a weird sort of paradox, there actually are quite a few dinosaur references in Step Brothers. No matter what, the fun times were had. I even enjoyed alerting my friends last night to the fact that we needed to sit through the credits because there were two other scenes left to be enjoyed. And enoy them we did! I loved Step Brothers and I will continue to love it until the day I cease to breathe air...I hope my asthma doesn't effect that!!!! None the less, seeing Step Brothers, and the awesome performances put forth by Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, and Adam McKay in a directorial capacity, made it one of the most memorable weeks in my life. And oh yeah, I'm already looking forward to Land Of The Lost. May the countdown begin. So, in closing- I would just like to say that seeing Step Brothers made me a happy man...a happy man in a sad, sad world. Signing off- Your Step-Friend-Bobby