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April 11, 2016

"Not having Snapchat" is not a good reason.

There is a person rising to the top of Snapchat and believe it or not it’s not your 13 year old cousin, Jewel, who has 42,349 followers and communicates exclusively via face-swap and eye rolls. Gil Ozeri, a grown man and comedian, is quickly becoming the king of Snapchat.

Ozeri has written for Brooklyn Nine Nine, Children’s Hospital, and Happy Endings, but is now finding success on the short-form video platform. He’s new at it, too. According to this interview with Vulture, he’s only been on the app for about two weeks. (This is when you feel ashamed for your weak twitter game you’ve been cultivating for 8 years now.)

You can check out his stellar snaps for yourself by following him @gilozeri on Snapchat, @gilozerisnaps on Twitter, or just by watching some of his best ones below.