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March 30, 2012

Giving you the inside scoop about your favorite celebrities after they fade from fame


Let's take a look at the currrent lives of the cast of one of the most successful, engaging modern sitcoms of the last several decades, That 70's Show. The show was a huge success that reminded us all of our youth in the late 1970's. Some critics lauded the show as a modern Happy Days, while other critics likened it to a modern day Canterbury Tales. One thing's for certain though; the show managed to take all the elements of the successful sitcom format, and modernize it. But like all shows, it was forced into obsolescence by more modern, advanced comedies. But lets have a glance at how the former cast members of That 70's Show have adapted to life in a fast paced modern world.


Mila Kunis is currently working as a riverboat captain and head boat engineer for Steamaway Tours, giving sightseeing tours on historic parts of the Mississippi River. She adores her current position, but hopes to one day return to acting, stating that "I just needed some time off from the spotlight of stardom, so giving guided tours on a riverboat in the southern Mississipi waters was a no-brainer alternative, rock on!"



Topher Grace is set to star in the upcoming remake of Gangs of New York as lead antagonist Bill the Butcher, a much more serious role than his character of Eric Foreman on That 70's Show. When asked for comment he stated "I'm super psyched to have gotten this role. I've always been super psyched about Daniel Day Lewis' work, so this opportunity has me super psyched."



Laura Prepon, who played the lovable Donna Pinciotti on the show, is working towards getting her Ph.D in Earth Science from New York University. She had always intended to go back to school, but now that her career has quieted the time has opened up. She has really hit the books hard, saying "I just love rocks and stuff" when asked for comment about her intellectual passion.



Unfortunately, information regarding the rest of the cast was unavailable, as the actors have cut contact with the outside world, as is the way of celebrity. Fortunately for us, the loyal viewers, the characters of Kelso, Hyde, and that other guy will live on in a perverse simulacrum until the end of days.


(All pictures were taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3 and edited using Corel Photo and Video Pro X4)