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May 02, 2017

Best! jokes for matcha

Was enjoying a long walk and felt sotired when the sun was setting. So we went into a cafe and asked for some matcha tea. The waiter replied saying “Ohsir,we don’t serve matcha, we on my serve “chaaya” “It’s the same thing youfool” replied my dad.

During the relaxing mode in the evening,ever thought of enjoying that cup of matcha tea in a form of cocktail. Oh yeah.So I invited my friends for a pool party and offered them matchablatcha tea. I enjoyed looking at the faces of my guest. Beauty cheers of matcha.

I’m fat and got to visit the gym and bewith my trainee. Have some matcha tea said no one ever. Let’s all get into matcha mode and show off those dum trainers how we could reduce fat our way. Oh yes. The matcha way.

Down here in the Indian Ocean gives us goose bumps getting all dried here just like the matcha leaves before fermentation. We are dried and then ground into a fine set of ashes later on in life. But not tea.

Ever heard that funny story about Mr & Mrs Matcha who named their son Batcha. His full name then turned out to bebatcha matcha. Just like Scooby Dooby.

I asked their son master Batcha Matcha,so son, tell me what you favourite subject in school is? Oh maam, matchamatics he responded. Thanks for the laughs Batcha. I responded.

Never knew that people were so intelligent to use matcha tea on to ice cream, indeed the matcha brains have invaded into the skulls of people which enhances for vibes to the brain stimulation. They think and do things all the matcha way now.

We all have that one friend, who constantly forgets what happens every half an hour or so. Some do not even have the least ability to concentrate that long. They lack the super powers of matcha tea bro. Go introduce some matcha tea to them in the tastiest form.Drink it the match way and be alert. Eyes wide open.

So this little master Batcha, loves to dance and perform. So we asked him what his favourite dance was and to show us some moves. He replied saying “my favourite dance is matcharena and the moves are called matcha hips” I’ll show you some after the matcha dosage.

Do you know what happen between Mr. And Mrs Plod during a hand fight in their wedding ceremony. Mrs. Plod lost and shecried for a re- matcha. That was even after serving the guest a cup of tea.

Ever been to a rugby match and seen astand of matcha chills next to that bear stand. Oh yes. I’ve seen it only in matcha land. If you haven’t been their yet. I bet you should.

All my people on the floor, who party all might, let’s matcha some more. Some more. Let’s march are way to beds andhug it all day and be that great to matcha soon away. Lyrics by spaniffer topaz and Batcha lopaz. Ever heard. Oh yeah. You’re not updated enough.

What is Matcha?
All in all. Matcha is a type of tea specially grown and finely powdered into green tea mode. It is very popular in Japan. This is specially known to help people lose weight, be more focused and energized allday. Which is why Japanese people are so hard working so this may be that secret ingredient towards their ultimate success.