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August 11, 2010

A person who finally decides to use an outside self-service storage has many options to choose from. There are storage companies that offer a free man and van to enable a person to move his things to the unit. However, he must also be aware that there are restrictions such as the number of miles and hours. Not knowing about restrictions and then going over the limitation might mean more costs for him eventually.

There are some storage companies that offer a truck rental service at "special" prices. A person must be cautious, though, that the special prices are not too expensive compared to other companies. He must also ask about other offers such as negotiated discounted rates with truck rental companies.

There is also an arrangement wherein a person can rent his own truck when he needs it or not. There are many storage companies that are designed to enable a person to drive directly up to his unit, back the truck up to the door of the unit, and simply unload.

Why use mobile storage units?

man and van


There are storage companies that offer mobile storage options. There is a mobile storage trailer that is dropped off to his home with the size specified by the person. The person can then load up his things. Later, the storage company would come and collect the unit on a specified date, which are usually a few days after the drop-off.

There are also storage companies that offer packing and loading service. The workers will come to the person's home or office and pack up all his things professionally. Later, he can lock the trailer using his own lock and the storage company would move it to the storage destination.

The advantage of using this service is that it ensures that the goods are packed up correctly thereby preventing damage. The service also properly loads the things, which maximizes the space in the trailer. Running out of space is a common problem for people who do their own packing up because of poor packing and loading.

Another advantage of using a mobile storage unit is that it provides convenience. A person doesn't have to go through the stress of renting a truck. Further, he has enough time to load the unit himself or he can delegate the tasks to the professional packers.

Truck rental or do-it-yourself?

The storage company might offer a free truck rental but this might mean more expenses. A person might opt for a do-it-yourself scheme wherein he will rent his own truck. However, he needs to make a lot of detailed preparation for a successful and hassle-free move.

There are three important resources that he needs. These are truck, people, and money. If a person wants less people to help due to cost consideration, the longer the move will take. He can talk with some friends and relatives who will help but it can be difficult to get firm commitments