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November 07, 2010


AkBar's workin' his ass off at his buddies bakery when a big bag of flour falls off a shelf crackin' him in the bean only to burst open covering him in bleached white flour. Dazed he says to his buddy Ravinder:

"Ravi I have to go home, I'm filthy, I need shower"!

Ravinder looks at him, and starts shaking his head and replies,

"Ohhh AkBar.. AkBar.. go, go it's ok"

AkBar then starts walking home. He makes it around the first corner, running into his friend Sukdeep.

Sukdeep wide eyed and concerned says loudly:

"AkBar?! AkBar?! What happened too you"?

AkBar replies,

"Don't worry, don't worry. I working in bakery, big flour bag fall on my face, I dirty, I go shower, I call later ok"? 

Sukdeep responds, shaking his head:

"Ohhh AkBar.. AkBar..

AkBar continues on his way. He's about five houses away from his crib when he runs into his cousin Manmeet.
Manmeet wide eyed and concerned says loudly

"AkBar?! AkBar?!, What happened too you"?

AkBar replies,

"I'm okay! No problems. bakery, flour, bad day. I'll see you later         ok"?

Manmeet responds, shaking his head,

"Ohhh AkBar.. AkBar..

AkBar now a little heated continues on bout his biz.

He arrives in his driveway only to see his daughter running down the street from where she was just playing at her BFF's house now now heading his way to greet him. As she gets closer the smile she has diminishes and her fast run has slowed to a walk. She leans slghtly forward, arms outreached to her side and squints.  Confused and alarmed, wondering if she is really looking at her father...

AkBar rolls his eyes, and takes a deep breath.

"Daddy!, Daddy! what has happened to you!!" his daughter screams, after the realization it was indeed him.

AkBar replies,

"Nothing it's flour, no big problem. Go find your brother for playing"

HIs daughter responds,

Shaking her head,

"Oh daddy.. daddy...

AkBar FINALLY makes it to his front door, as he opens it he finds his son... and before there is even a chance for another mindless discussion AkBar boasts:

"Son.! I am ok.! flour bag smashed me, it broke, flour everywhere. I am ok you don't have to worry bout it-ah.

Son responds, shrugging his shoulders.


His son then walks passed his father, out the front door.

When he has made it to where he thinks he cannot be heard, he starts shaking his head and mutters

"Ohh daddy... daddy...

AkBar then swing slams the the door shut behind him causing a loud thud.

He starts up the stairs towards his bedroom, continues on to his bathroom, looking at the ground all beaten and tired. He at last makes it to his destiantion, only to find his wife windexing the mirrors...

She looks over startled and at his sudden and unexpected appearance, and says
in a overly concerned voice:

"AkBar what happened to you"!?

AkBar done with all of this this replies,

"You know what?, I've been white for 10 minutes and already you brown people are pissing me off!!...