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September 18, 2008


I Can’t Mine My Mind’s Mines

By Ivan O’Uris


I can’t mine my mind’s mines.

For though my mind’s mines are mine,

They won’t mind my mind – 

And they have landmines

That might blow my mind.

Maybe I should mine your mind’s mines

And make your mind’s mines

Mine –

If your mines won’t mind.


Background Notes: Ivan O’Uris is a journalist, poet and healer of rabies-infected greeting card writers from Luscia, a small North Atlantic island that exports the All Mine Mind Mine, a landmine designed to resemble the human brain. Ivan felt inspired to write “I Can’t Mine My Mind’s Mines” in 2004 after a brief return to his homeland. While there, he took a private tour of the plant where the mines are produced and met Mendolvsky Mein-Mindbender, the industrialist, philanthropist and tapioca pudding fetishist who invented the All Mine Mind Mine. The poem was presumed lost, but found in May 2006 in the kitchen of Ivan’s cluttered Midwestern apartment under a landmine. It was not an All Mine mind mine.  


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