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Published December 17, 2011
"I saw a guy eat bull balls yesterday!"-Me "What?"- Scott "Don't make me say it again. I don't want that image."-Me "McCoy, sit down!"-teacher (dude) "No! If I do, a billion, million peanut trees will die!"-McCoy "WOOF!"- Jake "You really think you're a dog, don't'cha?"-Jenny "I don't think. I know."-Jake "Shut up."- Jenny "I got a 100%... How the heck did that happen?"- Scott "TADAZES!" - Me "Did you know that the moon isn't made of cheese?"-Jake *thinks he's stupid*- Most people in the class "WHY WASN'T I TOLD!"- Scott "I'm AWESOME!"- McCoy "How?"-Me "I was born that way."-McCoy "My dad was just like 'Ooh Waka Waka' *jumps* to me in the car!" –Nicole "I've never heard that in the morning." –Me "Pizza has cheese."-Jake "No dip, Sherlock."- Jenny "I have to pee!"- Alyssa "Don't diss the fun!"- Gabby "You are the only exception (Paramore- The Only Exception.)"- McCoy "To the human race being smart."- Alyssa "Why are you staring at me?"- Me "I'm trying to read your mind. It's not working." – Andre "OMG, I was like, OMG!"- Jenny "Repetitive much?"- Alyssa "Mental hospitals are the best places to have fun!"- Gabby "I WILL SMACK YOU IF YOU DON'T SHUT UP!"- Teacher (dudette) "I'm gonna get smacked!"- Eric "I am secretly afraid of… Bratz dolls. They're evil with their big eyes, and noseless faces." *Shudder*- Jake   "Squirrels may look cute, but their evil minds are planning to take over he human race!"-Me "You know, once you get over McCoy's perverted-ness, he's actually kind of cute."-Rosa "I need a barf bag pronto over here! *Pretends to throw up*-Me "I've been thinking…"- McCoy "NO WAY!"- Jenny "You guys drive me crazy." Teacher (dudette) "2 words. Mental hospital."- Connor "Why did the chicken cross the road?"- Scott "To get away from your stupid jokes."- Michaela "I SHALL NOW EAT ZE SNICKERZ BAHZ!"- Me "I don't like Justin Bieber."- McCoy "Of course you do, you have his hair."- Jenny "Roses are red, violets are blue, God made me pretty, what the heck happened to you!"- Quinn "I beg to differ. My mirror is my best friend." McCoy "Pass my sorries to it."- Quinn "When will life end?"- Eric "When all cute guys die."- Mary "RAWR! Whoops, I meant ROAR!"- Me "Don't go messin' up my Play Doh!"- Scott "Are too!"- Jenny "Are not!"- Alyssa "Are too!"- Jenny "Are not!"-Alyssa "Are too!"- Jenny "How did his start again?"- Alyssa "I can't remember.- Jenny "For real?"- Andre "What?"- Jake "I dunno."- Andre " GIMME SOME SUGA!"- Alyssa "Chuck Norris will find you!"- Andre "Elmo knows where you live!"- Jake "And he was just like boom! Major cow- pie."- Jake " Chewbacca!"- Jenny "The worst day of my life was when my parents told me Santa Clause wasn't real."- Sam I'll be putting more soon, when more people have said random stuff. This random stuff is from before I moved, so there will be new people saying random stuff in the one of these. Hope you liked it.