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October 25, 2008


Greetings Gentle Readers!

  I was just reading on msn about the 10 worst TV actors.  I think I'm #11 on their list.  Okay, maybe #12...happy?  Anyway, it hit me that I haven't seen them act.  I mean that I have never watched their shows!  You would think I would have seen something!  I watch a lot of the History Channel, admitedly.  Do I truly have NO life?  WRONG!!  It is I who have a life!  The rest of this cockamamie society is bonkers!  I'm just NOT stupid enough to waste my time watching schlock!  Who knew I was so sophisticated?  NOT ME!  Quick, call MENSA and tell them...I'm too dense to qualify for membership.  So what do those of us with a "life" and a discriminating TV watching palate do with ourselves, you ask?  Laundry.  Yeah, while the rest of you glue your dwindling intellects to a cathode ray tube blazing worthless actors into your living rooms, I will be wearing laundered clothes and...well, that's it.  Pardon me as I once again watch my life ooze away much like the soapy foam from my washer, down Life's drain into the huge black hole of nothingness.  You could almost say life is like a washer's cycle.  You get spun and drown and wet and twisted about at breakneck speed.  Then, rinsed and spun again only to be baked to a dry Pine scented fluffy state of being and finally hung up and kept in the dark.  You'll have to forgive my ramblings.  The inner Australopithicine inside is struggling for dominence, again.  STUPID LITTLE MONKEY-MAN!