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November 26, 2008


I'm pretty sure that I am not the only one to have had this happened.  When you work somewhere for a while, sooner or later a younger, similar in appearance person begins to work with you.  People notice the physical resemblence and then they start comparing you in ways that are truly invalid.  The problem with my clone, not that the imitating isn't flattering, is that she is honing in on my personal style.  She is colouring her hair like mine, pulling it back the same way I do, trying to do the jobs that I normally do and now she's moved in on my work spouse.  To those unfamiliar with the term, most of us also have a "work spouse" which is a person of the opposite sex on which we rely on in mostly a proffessional sense, but also frequently lunch with or carpool with.  We all went out to play pool and drink on Sat, and I left early with my work mistress (the member of the opposite sex that is in a different department, but we flirt and often eat together), and apparantly my work spouse and the clone hit it off.  Now, it could be jealousy (?), but I'm already fairly emmerced in a dramatic and annoying relationship and have no interest in the migraine that is a relationship beyond work, but I'm not fond of the clone/work spouse situation.  I had no idea that my work spouse was interested in such a low rent knock off...but who am I to judge?
Is it solely a "meow" factor at work here, or am I right to suggest that people not shit where they eat?