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Published June 25, 2009
Over the last few years I have repeatedly engaged in an activity that is threatening to tear apart my marriage and ruin my relationship whith my children.  It's an inheritated disorder that I remember my father doing a lot when I was child.  I've tried to stop, but the desire to keep doing it is undeniable.  If anyone has any advice, please let me know.  Here's my problem:Any time my kids, ages 3 and 6, use words like iPod, I immediately say, "I don't think I even knew what an iPod was when I was your age."   It also happens with words like cell phone, wifi, internet, flat screen, microwave (really, I didn't know what that was until I was like 10) and a few dozen others.Sure, the first few times it was amusing, but around the fifth or sixth time it becomes tired and worn out.  By now I must have used the same shitty joke a few thousand times.  Joke overusage is a problem that many people in my family, particularly males seem to suffer from.  I want to stop, I try to stop, but it always pops out, "I don't think I knew what a wireless infared mouse was when I was you age."Sometimes, I try not to say something right at the moment, so the sentence just sits there in my head, needling at me, screaming for its release.  So, two hours later, I end up saying, "I don't think I knew what a wii remote was when I was your age," which ends up getting me weird looks from the rest of the mental health treatment team (not a group you want to look crazy in front of).I know it's not funny and not just because no one laughs, but there's something in the sighs, eye rolls and general annoyance displayed by my wife and kids that I like and just makes me want to do it again.  How do I stop so I don't end up like so many other pathetic, one joke fathers?