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July 15, 2008


You know what? I would love to hear from those guys. I always get these comments saying "Hilarious quote!" (and I love getting those), but I want to hear something like "I'm personally offended by that joke" or "Mine was better". Give me some clue as to why they feel that I should feel the sweet and tangy embrace of death by drowning in a sea of sweet & sour chicken (sorry, I'm getting hungry).


I also propose people do this...If you vote "DIE" on a caption, go to that person's page and use that "You Suck", but say something positive. Like say, "You Suck...but Jesus loves you". That's nice...Everybody loves Jesus except the Jews.


Or offer some constructive criticism. Like say "You Suck. Be funny or else I'll kill your children". That will give them great incentive to be funnier.


I hope these ideas will help make FunnyorDie.com to be a friendly, and helpful website.