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October 20, 2012

My corporation told me to come in his back door.

Corporations As People ... is a view of our future accepting this stupid definition.


The Corporation's moved in next door to me a few years ago;  Stockholder Corporation lives there with partner Conglomerate, daughter Subsidiary and adopted baby boy Employee. 

I noticed little Employee was probably adopted overseas ... his birth certificate reads Child Labor and my other neighbor Apple told me that's a typical Chinese name.

It's another election year for this community and the Corporations were pushing me to vote for the Republican candidate. I listened to them try to sell this new candidate to me for a good 30 minutes; refering to how much the Republicans have done for the Corporations over the years.

I politely told them that the Democrats have been just as good for them as any Republican. I even suggested they speak with old GM about how the Democrats helped with Hummer Division's adoption ... but it quickly turned into a heated argument.

That's kind of how it goes in this neighborhood.

I found out that Big Oil across the street donates to both political parties. I asked "why" one time and just got a laugh about the value of the dollar and gold prices ... Those people have always confused me ... but what are you going to do ... People Are People.

The Corporations were working with old Church again this election season.  Church is heavily involved with politics. He doesn't know what he's doing half the time.  He argues with himself on a daily basis.  Most of us tell him to not get involved with stuff like this, but God knows you can't tell old Church anything without his temper showing.

_ from the book 'Corporations As People' by Joseph Godfrey