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February 15, 2010


Growing up, my favorite game was Monopoly. I am a kick-ass Monopoly player and I can NOT be beaten. YES!! I am THAT good! Here's the thing, besides Princess Monopoly, I haven't played Monopoly with my daughter because I thought calculating the money would be too hard (she's only 8), but then on Saturday I picked up a game of novelty Simpson's Monopoly which has an electronic banking device and it made me so HAPPY to be able to share this with her. Problem is...I HATE the electronic banking. I think part of what I loved about Monopoly was the hoarding of cash. It was visually pleasing to have a big ole hunk of cash and to not be able to fit anything on my side of the table because of my hoard of properties, and just watching people twitch nervously, wondering if the meager GO money they just collected will even get them past my hotels on Conneticut...with electronic banking, you just don't know. Even the property cards are more narrow and they fit with the Community Chest/Chance cards. Mommy doesn't like it :( Kelly does though. LOL She likes the credit card because it "D'OH!"s when you debit cash and goes "WOHOO!" when you enter cash. Sigh. It's just not the same.