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Published: November 11, 2009
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Top 10 Reasons Why Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Was Fired From Melrose Place
10. During promo interviews would refer to show as "Melrose Hills."
9. Loud and uncontrollable vaginal farting caused havoc during shoots.
8. Referred to show's Executive Producer Todd Slavkin as "that assblaster dude."
7. Asked producers, "Why can't my dad Joe Simpson play the J.R. Ewing character?"
6. Wanted her character's occupation to be a professional square dancer.
5. Jealousy from other female cast members over size of Ashlee's cameltoe
created hostile work environment.
4. Punched-out cameraman for asking "How's Jessica doing?"
3. Puzzled over why she couldn't simply lipsynch all her lines.
2. Blamed chronic tardiness on having to spend time thinking up more
cool baby names like Bronx.
1. Can't act.

(Writen by AR/Wordswritenow)
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