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January 12, 2009


  As I sit here and watch the story of this man I catch myself wondering how on earth a monster suth as this could be living on main street America.

  BTK(Bind Torture Kill), whose real name is Dennis Radar, is the man behind the monster's mask who murdered 10 people from 1974 - 1991. I have heard of, read about, and watch many stories like this one before on many different psychopaths. However, I do not think I have ever felt as sick. To think that this man was living in suburbian Wichita, KA as a church employee, a boyscout leader, a volunteer fireman, a husband, and a loving father makes one wonder about the honesty of life itself.

  Today, I have wondered just how many of these "people" are living out their distorted minds' impulses across this country. Maybe even my state of Florida. Hell, maybe even my town and down to my street. I have known some fucked up people in my life and have seen violance first hand while serving four years in the Marines. I have never though felt so threatened or pissed off. 

  I might be completely out of whack here but something tells me there are numerous men like this alive and well as I type these words. That somewhere in the world at this very moment some madman is raping, torturing, and beheading an innocent victum. Adding to this, the suggestion that he will probably have a few beers later while reminiscing and masturbating to his gruesome act is for lack of a better word, disgusting. 

  I feel that most likely he is not all to blame. His mere actions are the end product of something way beyond his or any of our imagination. What could drive someone to commit such crimes against humanity? Whether it be Dennis Radar, H.H. Holmes (Philadelphia 1896), Jack the Ripper, or even Jefferey Dhalmer, serial killers have been around for hundreds maybe thousands of years. 

  According to some we all come from space dust originating from the big bang. That life itself has evolved billions of years leading all the way to day. Saying this, do you not feel no matter how much we educate ourselves and children that to some basic level we still are what we are? There are victums everywhere. This Modaff guy just managed to ruin tens of thousands of lives by swindling their savings away. BTK kills 10 and is hated like no other, including me. I think what I am trying to say is this; at some point we all need to realize that life is not peaches and roses. From serial killers, to wife beaters, to thieves, to racism, some things are just the way they are and are never going to change.