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July 27, 2012

a drunken rant about the tooth fairy, what shes really about, lil wayne, and china.

on july 14th I drank 2 bottles of wine, and ranted via email to my boyfriend about the tooth fairy, china, chris hanson, and yes, lil wayne. enjoy...

the tooth fairy is a sick fuck, seriously guys, lets be real, shes a fairy, which is creepy a, because shes a little person, but on top of that shes like sneaking into your bedroom like a sexual predator while youre sleeping...where the fuck is that guy from to catch a predator? but seriously, chris hanson, thats that guys name, i think, anyway, oh hi, next morning, fast forward, holler, heres a dollar, for your bloody tooth, where is it going? im gonna tell you, the tooth fairy makes the mold things for lil waynes grill pieces...true story, hes like hey...tooth fairy, get molds for my grill, and shes like ok, im on it, relax, or ill send latoya jackson after you...her face looks like a vagina, ok, right? yeah, how many jacksons are left? swv is under rated, also who sings that song candy rain? what about peaches and cream? somebody stop tyler perry from making movies, i die a little bit inside every time i see a poster thing in the subway or commercial, whatever, also chinatown is offensive....to me....sooo, fuck you china, you use umbrellas in inappropriate situations, like when its fucking sun shiney..FUCK. you china..but for real, thanks for scallion pancakes, seriously.