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February 18, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest #20

14. Matthew Lesko ?

13. It has to be David Hasselhoff.

12. With the help of Woodward and Bernstein, Deep throat found a new career

11. Hey! YOU! Shouting into the void! Yeah, you! Identify yourself!"

10. The Mystery Singer - He could be anybody's sewing machine with that kind of "Button Hole" action!

9. Shoot my best side.

8. Whomever he is, he’s definitely a “row-boater”, if you get what I mean.
( Thanks to JBnthe217, for inspiration. )

7. Frank Zappa before the epiphany.

6. Also does modeling work for G.I. Joe action figures.

5. By the hand positioning, I guess Andy Dick.

4. Not to be confused with "The History Stinger", a dubious character who dresses up like a bumblebee, visits schools, & gives children a small shock when they incorrectly answer questions about the War of 1812

3. And by singer I mean rapist
(sorry Puma, it's the last time I'll use the "and by" gag I swear)
-missalicia [no, It's a good thing]

2. Frank Gorshin.

1. Good, good. Now show me double handjob. Whatta ya mean 'why'? It adds to the mystery, and don't question my artistic direction, mother fucker. I'll tell EVERYBODY who the 'mystery singer' is and then what do you have??? NOTHING! You're fucking nothing without this shtick, so turn around and show me double handjob!