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October 08, 2010

this is my blog....fin.


this is my very first blog. i'm excited to be writing it!!!

my first issue! i think that the amount of personal opinions being put on the internet is very obnoxious! i mean come on! people stating their own thoughts and ideas about things! making me sick! i say if people want to share opinions they should do something drastic about it! people should not just sitt at home a write a dumb little paragraph or idea in a blog form to get it across! what good does that really do? the answer?...nothing!!! [i made that loud with a lot of exclamation point!] all i'm saying is do something to stir things up. make a home video to stir things up. put a camera in front of a sheet and maybe have a couple of blind folded white girls or guys and talk nonsense...it worked for Bin Ladin! i hear about that guy all the time!!!

and thats todays blog