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Published January 03, 2013

- Innovative in design and function

- Latest design from German manufacturer Moll

- Now available from www.badbacks.com.au

The all new Champion desk just perfect for champions! From a small joinery business in 1925 to an international, quality kids furniture manufacturer today; Moll stands for quality furniture systems with plenty of options for extensions and a high level of functional variety. In childhood and young adulthood, these desk systems meet ergonomic guidelines at every stage of development, and are planned down to the smallest detail.

All the corners of the desktops are rounded; which is as contemporary as it is safe. The silhouettes of the furniture follow a clear design language. The elements are all in white and aluminium-coloured, and can be accentuated with a colour play that can simply be replaced when a favourite colour is changed. Runners, handles or control elements can shine in blue, or pink, or in any of the total of eight colours that are included with every item of furniture.

Like all Moll children’s or student tables, the new Champion desk has also been developed in line with Moll’s principle of “Grows perfectly with the child”. The feet include Moll’s proven comfort height adjustment that enables the desk to be adjusted to the correct ergonomic height easily and in moments.

The new patented tilt function is also easy to operate from a seated position. All that is required to lift the desktop is to pull the left button on the front of the desktop, while pulling the right one lowers it again. This means that children can always choose the most relaxed seating position for any activity, whether writing, drawing or reading.

And Moll has another irresistible idea on the subject of tilting: while the tilted position of the desktop traditionally includes the whole top, the Champion has a section that remains level.

On the Champion “front up” it is the rear part that can be tilted, on “left up” it is the left side, and on “right up” the right side. The right choice for your child is a matter of preferences and habits: For “tidy ones” who appreciate additional storage for their things will prefer Champion “front up”. Those who need to have several utensils within easy reach and generally keep things on the right, will choose “left up”. And those who generally look and reach to the left will find that Champion “right up” is the right one for them. Of course, objects can also be left on the tilted desktop, because the magnetic ruler with magnifying glass doubles as an anti-slip feature.

Special Touch:

Smart technology prevents fingers from being trapped, and enables the movable desktop to fit smoothly against the fixed elements.

The optional giant drawer or cubic container offers additional storage space. It simply rolls under the table, can be topped with a seat pad and used for sitting on, and its three drawers offer plenty of options for keeping craft and school items neat and tidy. It also includes a secret compartment that is hidden inside the lockable top drawer.

A further secret compartment – effectively the biggest secret compartment that has so far been available from Moll – is on the back of the desk. Actually intended as a cable duct and to house power supply units, an optional cover is available so it can be closed. So the desk even looks good from behind.

And Champion also has another stylish highlight to offer. Moll has turned the classic book holder into a cool aluminium-finish “must” that can be positioned on the holder or folded together like a book and taken along.

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