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September 28, 2008


It's been known to tear friends,families, and loved ones apart. it's been also known to bring people together. The same can be said for CAKE. Cake=g00d. but alcohol, unlike cake, has serious side effects. i've been known to handle my alcohol quite well, i never let myself get to the point of complete idiocy. Last night though, i crashed my family "reunion" .. now as weird as that sounds, i was NOT invited. but showed up all the same. why? because i was drunk. amid the shocked faces and angry looks, there were a few amused faces.  i wasnt counting drinks, the cops were called, and i'm not in jail. :) sadly though, that's as much as i can remember.. this morning was not that bad, i woke up with a slight hangover, but giggling like an idiot. All that whiskey went straight through me. It's been a while since i've had a drink. but last night was proof that i should stay away from it. usually i'm the kind of drunk that finds everything funny..