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July 07, 2011

By now it's pretty apparent that no matter what President Obama says the Republicans will find someway to disagree. Although I don't always agree with the President myself and don't think he's moved fast enough on several issues I am adult enough to realize that sometimes I can't have everything I want in life unless I'm willing to give up something else or even admit I'm wrong about some long held belief in order to find a compromise. I might be able to take the Republicans a little more serious if they hadn't decided prior to Obama ever being elected that he was never going to succeed at anything or that their best argument for every issue facing the nation is that they may or may not have caused it but Obama has made things worse. Like the best adverting companies the Republicans are able to sell you something by telling you just how bad the Democratic product is and how it will make your life worse rather than explaining how their own product could fix everything and make you a better person in the process. Negative advertising works. What the President needs to do is realize that no matter how much he may want to take the high ground, or at least appear to, he will eventually have to be more aggressive in his approach to how he responds to the nonsense being put out by the Republicans and the Tea-Party . I'm not saying he should actually physically take down his opponents, although it probably would get great ratings if they sold tickets and Nancy Grace covered it with her own special kind of crazy, but rather treat them with all the care and understanding you would give a toddler or parent in the late stages of Alzheimers. Maybe then something will get done or undone in DC. Then again I wouldn't lay odds on it happening anytime soon.