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June 20, 2011

there all going to ask why, when how, where, and i really dont know how to answer questions, thats probably why im not such a good rapper, so i wrote this maybe it will help, but chances are it will not, and who really cares if i become so famous, they make me a suit out of sausage or something meaty

hey mcwhorable, how did you become one of the worst rappers to ever walk the earth, well mc whorable im glad u asked that question, the truth is i wasn't lucky enough too be born in the hood, or grow up in a trailer park, like some rappers not born with a silver spoons not in their mouths, i grew up in a rich white suburb, where kids didn't learn how to rap or sing, we had to play these really expensive instruments, and since all these white folks had bad taste in music, and couldn't dance or had no rhythm, they made us listen to lame ass 80s music, it was hard for a white kid to learn how to rap, until, one man came along, he was the elvis of his time, he was a quattro threat he could dance,sing, rap, act and even ride a motorcycle, he had the coolest name i had ever heard, his name was vanilla ice and he changed the rap game for white kids in the suburbs forever, i still dont no why he wasnt nominated for an oscar, for that film he did, or why he switched to heavy metal, he was even a famous reality star, hes more famous then mc hammer, even though hammer had the pants and the pepsi commercials, he became a minster, one day i hope not to have to be a minster,