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Published April 11, 2013 More Info »
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Published April 11, 2013

"At least someone will get some use out of it," says Herman Cain.


Cain, who ran for president last year, is glad to see the bus put to good use.  “I wasn't pleased to see the bus go, but I fully support this vacation.”  Cain the 67-year old former CEO of Godfathers Pizza was last seen at local Quick-E-Mart buying up all of the remaining Twinkies.  “I’m a fan of Twinkies and it’s sad to see them go, it’s been a rough week for me.”  In recent months Cain has turned his focus on to his stand-up comedy act.

Cain will be performing at the Chuckle Hut in Thunder Bay, Ontario March 15-17 and at Southwestern Oklahoma State University on Mach 22nd.