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August 01, 2017

Don't let these props ruin your special day!

Ouija Board


Just when you thought you got rid of grandma, you’re going to invite her overbearing spirit back into your life!? Do yourself a favor and leave the Ouija board next to her urn in the back of the closet - not in your photo booth this wedding season!

Full Grown Lion


A wedding does not need a full grown lion to give the day an adventurous feel - that’s what the open bar is for! Avoid having your guests mauled to death, or shot by the poacher that is sure to crash your special day, by not having a lion in your photo booth! The only Roar you should be hearing is Katy Perry’s.

Hillary Clinton’s Political Resume


You could wallpaper the entire White House with Hillary Clinton’s resume and still have pages left over. Avoid overshadowing your less accomplished friends (and the actual camera) by not putting printouts of Hill-dog’s accolades in the photo booth at your wedding! After all, the only HER people should be focused on is the bride!

Human Heart Attached To Car Battery


Much like Valentine’s Day, a proper wedding is often celebrated with heart shaped goodies! Although your partner may have said, “you’ve sparked my heart” on your first date - help preserve the life of someone on the organ transplant list, and bypass putting a fully functioning heart, powered by a car battery, in the photo booth at your wedding!

Swastika Sunglasses


Given the recent rise of the alt-right and the election of a Tang covered Hitler, make sure your wedding guests remain on the right side of history - don’t even consider putting swastika sunglasses in your photo booth!

O.J. Simpson Gloves


Although your wedding hashtag is #TillDeathDoUsPart - we insist that you do not put the gloves, made famous by the O.J. trial, in your wedding photo booth. O.J. Simpson is a horrific, vengeful, grotesque example of humanity - allegedly.

X-Ray Machine


Radiation should only be detected around airport security checks and time-traveling cars from the 80s. Unless you want your guests to be character inspirations for the video game - Fallout: Wedding Edition - keep the x-ray machine out of the photo booth at your wedding.

Gary Johnson Cutout


If television has taught us one thing, it’s that everyone is apparently hooking up at weddings. Don’t let a Gary Johnson cardboard cutout damper the sexual excitement that comes from your big day! The only wall we want built is the one that separates this cutout from the photo booth at your wedding.

Mel Gibson Quotes


In 2010, the entire world voted Mel Gibson “Most Likely to Offend Everyone that isn’t Mel Gibson”- today, he is slithering his way back into civilization through directing films and photo booths! Don’t let your wedding guests become pawns in his quest to fully integrate back into society - keep Mel Gibson out of our films and photo booths!



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