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June 29, 2011

Google's next product

Google unveils latest feat

By Associated Press

POSTED: 09:32 a.m. HST, Jun 28, 2011

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NEW YORK >> Online search leader Google is taking yet another stab at improving searches, this time with a project it calls Google Psychic.

The project Google Inc. unveiled in a blog post Tuesday aims to make online searching anticipate rather than respond to a customer’s needs. The feature called "Predict" lets users allow Google to decide what you would like to search about based on its data mined from your hard drive, past searches, past purchases, public records,   and data gathered from  your friends, family, and coworkers. A spokesman said “Users will no longer have to think about terms to search for, or decide want they want to look for next. We know our customers better than they know themselves!”.

Google has been experimenting for years with different ways of predicting users future search interests with limited success, until one recently hired programmer realized just how much data they already had collected about their users.   “That stuff we accidently gathered while driving around taking pictures for Google Maps street views is what put us over the top. Without it, we could only get to 89% predictability. We reworked the algorithms until we knew with 99.2 % accuracy what customers were going to search on next. At that point we decided to release the beta version.”  The makers of TIVO have vowed to file suit, saying that predicting future interests comes from their patented programming, but Google claims to have created it without TIVO’s patented software.

They also reported that while they are also now able to predict what customers are going to do before they do it, they do not think that the public will be ready for that application until 2013 at the earliest. Google shares rose 8.5% following then news. Their spokesman said “Obviously, we knew that it was going to do that.”