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August 21, 2008


I know it is fundamental to many of us to believe that we as humans have “evolved” from our ancient days. We look around and think we see a civilization that has constantly grown. We can move kidneys from one man to another, and we can even talk to people on the other side of the world instantaneously. I know it can confuse the senses, and give the impression of advancement, but we are EXACTLY the same as we were hundred’s of thousands of years ago.

Now, I know some of you are already thinking of ways to poke holes in my argument, but you will fail to convince me, as you will always come to the same conclusion that I have. Aside from technological advances, we are still the same basic human. We have not genetically or emotionally changed in any way.

I know knee jerk reaction is to deny this, because I deal with it all the time whenever I try talk to some pseudo bohemian, Urth Cafe tea sipping Douchebag. They constantly fumble over sentence fragments and childlike naiveté(not Namaste, Douchebags) as they try to explain to me the wonders of quantum theory, collective conscience and imaginal cells.

For these Bohema-Douche’s must believe that their endless and radically insane theories must lead to a world that offers something more. A utopia. A world where all wars are unnecessary and everyone listens to “Phish” and take hug breaks from the busy workdays of recycling and face painting.

These Douchebags have created a heaven complex that has faulted every other major religion… the hallucination that it is better in some far off place. This hallucination is the root of all evil, because it makes people blind to reality and creates fantasy worlds where people become indifferent to actual human suffering.

How come no one just says, “we are what we are and it is what it is”? That is the only belief that can be considered reality. You see I find this comforting. I find it beautiful. I see nothing wrong with our past or present emotional states. We are the human being: artistic, creative, greedy, fearful, conniving, loving, and martial. We are fighters, killers, warriors, and soldiers. This is our genetic make-up and it will never change. To expect there to be some “evolution” where we are all peace loving, new age huggy loving Douchebags- makes me sick.

In fact, I would like to take all these people, kidnap them from their beds in the dark of the night and behead them in a public arena as a noble sacrifice to my own personal god. I have no problem with killing people that are totally out of touch with reality. The world we be a much, much better place with the likes of these kaballah water drinking a-holes safely buried under the ground and their liberal fascist heads struck through a pike.

What could some giant scarf wrapped Bhodi tree cashier offer to the world if I let them live? It is my nature as a human to kill other humans who threaten me. This is not murder for murder sake, that I find totally disgusting and immoral, it is “cleansing” so that future generations will have a toehold on reality and our civilization can actually one day, evolve.