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July 06, 2017

The shapes we tried to make pizza into before settling on circle and square.

Before settling on circle and square, humans tried several other shapes we thought would be fun. They did not work as well.


Pizza Box Rombus.jpg

Weird shaped boxes, right?

The first alternate pizza shape tried was a rhombus, but it ultimately didn’t fit in the box. Too bad guys!


Scissors Pizza.jpg

Didn’t quite cut it

They tried making pizza in the shape of a pair of scissors, thinking they’d tap into the college market; the irony was lost on the demographic.

Bat Signal

Bat Signal Pizza.jpg

Ohhhhh, you think pepperoni is your ally? You merely adopted the toppings. I was born into them, molded by them. I didn’t see pineapple on a pizza til I was a man and by then it was nothing to me but blasphemous!

The Bat Signal should have been a good one, but then everyone kept ordering in that Bane voice so we had to just stop…



They also tried swords and had a similar problem

Shaping food like other food, seems like a fun take, right? But consider what tacos kinda-sorta resemble… Yea, you get it.


Whos That Pizzachu.jpg

Just didn’t catch on…

We tried. We really did. We tried to make pizza in the shape of Pokemon, but it just wasn’t in the cards…

A Full Playable Board Of Monopoly

Monopoly Pizza.jpg

You won a pizza eating contest, collect $20

This one seemed like a great idea, but people mostly just got too distracted playing the game instead of eating… Also, making the houses and hotels out of buffalo wings was way too messy.

Pizza Starry Night

Pizza Starry Night.jpg

Starry Pizza, by Vincent Van Dough

Making every pie look like Starry Night is great on paper… and on pizza! But when we tried it, it took 3 months to make each pie and we promptly went out of business.

Dungeon Map From Zelda

Pizza Swastika.jpg

I do not see why this one didn’t work

One of the dungeons in the original Zelda is shaped like the Japanese symbol for good luck, so it seemed like a no-brainer to both pay homage to one of our favorite games, while also wishing good luck and fortune to customers. Not sure why this one failed, but people were NOT INTO IT.

In the end, circle and square seemed like the best option. They’re easy, efficient, and logical. Maybe one day we’ll get back to experimenting. What’s YOUR favorite shape for pizza?