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March 23, 2010



Friends (or otherwise!)

I am extremely touched to read your comments and well wishes and also to know I was missed. My absence can only be attributed to mad cow disease whereby other cattle (jealous of the superb quality of my product and the number of litres that can be pumped out of my bag at one standing) conspired against me. One day in a stampede out the barn door for breakfast, my former in the Dell was trampled to death in a deliberate act of sabotage. Of course, in the time- honoured tradition of blaming the victim, some Bull-shitter said I shouldn't have left it lying afoot.

    Now that I have become a born-again Moo-kintosh I hope to ruminate again with a better Herd, including the new Jerseys I see in the field.  I myself was raised by the Stein family of Toronto as most of you know.

    It may take awhile but I look forward to reading a lot of your blogs & watching your videos.  Forgive me for using this blog as a thank-you  but I hope to talk individually to those of you who contacted me at a later date. 
    With all sincerity.