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January 19, 2009


First of all, that's a myth. 
I run a little blog (sounds like a country business) over there at blogspot.  Since I lack in creativity, I'll just post here what I post over there if I think it could be worth your while.  None of it is really worth your while, per se.  But, I like to inflict pain on the ones I love, or what is the old adage?

Nonetheless, here is one.  Enjoy.  Or, don't.

So, it is officially THE big day. And, here I am at two in the morning, refusing to miss any of it. Watching live coverage of absolutely nothing on CNN.com and listening to NASA-tested and recommended mattress infomercials in the background, I feel so aloof. I just can't attach myself to the feeling or proper emotion that a day like this particular inauguration day should bring. Perhaps, then, a siesta is in order. Clearly. I just keep trying not to commit any grammar offenses that will only truly embarrass me later.

Do you think that Barack Obama is wrestling the same anxiousness at this very moment? After eight years of language misdemeanors, should he be worried that the office he will take is cursed by a vicious and toothy grammar-butchering monster (the same savage thing that infected 43)? Like a noxious stench or a highly-communicable disease, will it hang around? Will it take him down? Or, does it go back to Crawford with its host?