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those legions of fans, especially the ones that dont understand i suck, becuase english isn;t there first language, thank u for making me so famous in your land, fight with the power on its brighter and easier to hit your opponents, u can c them

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June 22, 2011

mee kissing invisable asses i jope there firm, and tight and all different colors, and i hope they dont poop on e, actually i hope they do, i could use a little scatman do in my life

where to i begin, thank you all those amazing fans out ther, especially in asia or europe, or south america, canada, germany, tasmania, austrialia, ireland, england, italy, portugals, austria, greenland, finalnd, new zealand, the cook islands, fiji, thighland, legoland, disney land, columbia 4 all that blow, thanks dude, scotland, singapore, bangcock, africa, jamaica, trindad, and not tobacco, hawaii 5.0, amestredam, copenhaggen, denmark, sweden, france, paragay, urcrane, moscow, wales, turkey, shit and the places i forgot well i pretty fucking high, i put you in my lame ass rap song when i rap about the places i goto on my world tour which will start once i get a record contract, and reality show, and all that crap, anyways, i cant believe how many people hate me, you guys are awesome, thanks for thinking i suck worse then anyone else on the planet it makes me wanna just tear up, but instead i will just spank it, and then write the best worst fucking song u will not what to hear unless your deaf then you will, this ones for you marlee, i did it, not bob, madlyn, bob into regay