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July 19, 2010


ok, so why did i post one?  Ok, i'm drunk and I thought i would.  Of course, it's not a rational thought, and no one will care.  if anyone reads this, listen to this, you're retarded.  go read some other blog.  one that makes sense and is coherent.  one that wasn't written by a man possessing less then a 53 IQ.  Ok, if you're still with me, what is this blog about?  Girls, Guys, whatever you want it to be about.  Do you want to have a meaningful conversation?  Do you want to go straight to fucking?  Then this blog is for you.  Or it might not be.  i don't know.  in fact, i don't even know what i'm gonna write.  Please make this blog your favorite.  it will fuel my small ego, and i've always yearned to think i am the shit...but im not...but ya'll can change that.  ya see, your opinons are all that matters to me.  I have no sense of worth.  people make me driven.  If no one approves my shit, then what else is there?  I'd rather rot in a coffin filled with a decaying mummy.  Look, if you want to make me feel special (AND YOU SHOULD)  then comment and insult me or compliment me or whatever!  Tell me I am sexy or that I am ugly and i should feel ashamed.  I will take any compliments or insults into consideration in my daily life.  If you can do a successful DR DRE impersonation, i might like you better.  If you're female, a decent Alanis Morrisette impersonation will do.  Please comment and tell me how retarded i am.  I love you all and Funny or Die is a great place for people with next to no sanity.  Love to meet you all.  Just tell me your name and I will make trivial conversation with you before adding you to my friends list, thus enhancing my popularity on Funny or Die by just a lil bit.  You guys really do make me laugh and i hope you continue.  So many weirdos.  I LOVE IT!