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November 18, 2015

Conan learns Armenian, visits a market to buy apricots, becomes a traditional sheepherder, and more in "Conan in Armenia."

Last night, Conan became the first US late night host to do a whole episode in Armenia, which he did so he could bring his personal assistant Sona Movsesian, an Armenian who has never been to Armenia, to reconnect with her heritage. Which is a cool thing for a boss to do—Conan should just be everybody’s boss!

Before Conan and Sona headed over, they asked Sona’s family in Los Angeles to give them a shopping list for their trip abroad.

Thinking it wise that he learn a little bit of the language before visiting Armenia, Conan took an Armenian lesson. Although his real Armenian leaves something to be desired, Conan does a great fake, probably offensive version of the language.

To get some apricots for Sona’s family, Conan and Sona (Cona? Sonan?) visited an Armenian marketplace and tested out Conan’s flawless Armenian.

Later, in their effort to have an authentic Armenian experience, Sonan (gonna go with Sonan!) decided to do some sheep herding and found out Sona had the right skill set for it.

Also, Conan tried to do that one scene from Ghost but with rugs.

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