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November 11, 2009


Best More Horrible Captions.

9. My girlfriends pussy is small but it's green, slimy, covered with warts and smells like rancid pondwater. –MadAdam.
8. For a good time call 555-Frogg. 99 cents a minute and the first 5 minutes free as an introductory offer. - buttermilk
7. Harley, I'm tellin' you, that's my favorite lure. Just put a No. 12 hook right through that damn cat's chest, cast him out over the pond, and before he even hits the water, some 6 pound bass has a hard-on. - keibar
6. Hey Darius (kitten's name is Darius), here's a dangerously heavy Chinese-made frog themed headpiece with toxic dyes for you to have while I find an Always-Kill Shelter. - trident
5. I like to put luminous headgear on 8 kittens turn off all the lights and shoot 7 in the head as they run around.This is the winner/survivor – bigjas
4. I think we've already been introduced to each other. –buttermilk
3. You have to place cellotape around kittens stomach's to have sex with them or they just split,I put frog hats on them because I'm kinky – bigjas  ( I need to wash my eyeballs with gasoline now)
2. Dan Jarvis was such a professional sadist that everyone thought it was cute he made his kitten wear that frog hat all day, every day. They didn't know it weighed fourteen pounds and had spikes on the inside.-Amy4birds
1. I've heard of Turducken, but never Fritten.-drwho

Man there was some ghoulish stuff here. High fives all around.  These killed me.