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November 10, 2012

A recap of an episode of 'The Bachelorette'


This week's episode of The Bachelorette saw Ashley get a little ruthless (good!) and then overcome by insecurity (bad!). Also, things got so awkward when the entire cast was sprayed with a stinging gas.

Our ever-shrinking group of lovers is still in Thailand this week, and as the episode kicks off, Chris Harrison announces that this is the dreaded two-on-one date week which will end with a spray of gas to the face. That means that Ashley will be taking out two men at once, which is not only awkward in and of itself, but there's an added pressure: one guy must be sent packing at the end of the date, and no matter what, everyone is getting stung by a weird blue/green gas of the producer's own design. Terrible for the men, great for the audience (and eager recappers). But first, lucky Constantine Ben F. (they resemble each other more and more as the weeks go by) gets the coveted one-on-one date.

'At first, I was most worried about the gas,' said handsome potential beau-to-be Ben F. 'But then I realized, since everyone was going to get sprayed, I should really focus on Ashely.'

As the proprietary and toxic mixture filled the tasteful dining room of 'Le Femmes Tempres,' you could tell it was really stinging. Tears, both emotional and gas related, streamed down every contestants face during the final deliberation.

'It really hurt the skin on my face, and I still have red splotches on my hands, still.' Ashley reported in her post-date testimonial. 'I was sad to have to say goodbye to William. He was great, and he took the gas like a gentleman.'

When asked how he felt later that evening on 'Late Night With Craig Ferguson,' contestant William had an interesting perspective.

"I'd really like to know what kind of gas that was. It hurt me really bad to know that Ashley could eliminate me after watching my inhale that amount of gas. But no hard feelings. In the end it's a game and I was happy to get out of the gas."