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February 11, 2012

The meaning of life is within this article. Well, either that or the story of wanksta-rapper: Lil' Shorta. I originally tweeted this so it's presented in, what I call, "Twit-ku" [Patent pending][Not really]

Did you know that "drama" spelled backwards is: "thisissofreakingunnecessary" ? Looks a lil shorter spelled the other way, imo.
Lil Shorter is a rapper from Atlanta. Not to b confused w/ Lil Shorta, the white rapper from Wyoming that tries a lil too hard.
Lil Too Hard is a very confused Black Russian rapper raised by a group of traveling gypsies that called him Ushkah which means "Burnt Toast"
On Lil Shorta's debut album, "Questionable Skills" he said "I'll eat a wigga like burnt toast from coast to coast."
Sidebar: Wyoming's number 1 export is wanksta rap to the Russians.
...so when Lil Too Hard heard Lil Shorta's song he thought it was a shot at him because of what he went through as a kid...
You see, Lil Too Hard wore a blonde wig as a kid, was called Burnt Toast and travelled from coast 2 coast with his Russian gypsy adopted fam
So when "Questionable Skills" hit number 1 on Russia's "Tsar Ivan hip hop charts", Lil Too Hard took it personal (or personally, whatever).
This spawned the classic lines, "What you talking bout, Cut the Throat of a Trout. Slap a Western Meadowlark till it screams n shouts!"...
Lil Too Hard knew he was crossing the line when he spit that hot fire on his diss track titled: "Why? WY-not! (F*** a Indian Paintbrush)"...
As we all know, Wyoming...ians (?) take their state fish, state bird, the abbreviation of their state's name & state flower VERY seriously!
This lead to the epic PPV rap battle "The Trouble Amongst the Rubble" which took place on Teufelsberg in Berlin & had a whopping 7 viewers!
Engulfed by the heat of the rap battle, Lil Shorta pushed Lil Too Hard and they both fell off the hill to their death(s). Winner: Eardrums.
As he fell down the hill,Lil Too Hard yelled, "drama" in Russian which as we all now, is the English language backwards.So it translated to: