In a perfect world, nothing gets cut for time, because, in a perfect world, there’s time for everything. There’s time for you to talk to everyone you love (and even the ones you just like), and for you to do everything you want to do (even that one thing!), and for SNL to air all its weird sketches that end up getting cut for time in this regular, imperfect world of ours. In a perfect world, there’s time for all that and more. In fact, maybe in a perfect world, there’s a little too much time. Maybe this perfect world isn’t so perfect, there’s too much time packed into it, our perfect world is overflowing with time!

Maybe we don’t need this perfect, damaged world, because our world which we assume is “imperfect” is actually just perfect enough, because this week SNL posted this lost, mysterious sketch of Bill Hader kinda just hanging out and “being a little stinker,” and you can watch it even though it got cut for time however many seasons ago.