MAR. 28, 2012


A new shampoo commercial in Turkey is the subject of much controversy as it uses old film footage of Adolf Hitler to sell its product.

People are saying it’s offensive to use Hitler’s likeness in the ad because he actually had really greasy hair.


The lottery jackpot for “Mega Millions” has hit an all-time record, nearing a grand prize of $500 million dollars.

Mitt Romney has said that if he wins, it wouldn’t really change him as a robot.


Brazilian police have warned citizens about a gang of seven women behind some local robberies, known as the “Gang of Blondes”.

There’s no need to be too alarmed, though. They keep robbing the same house over and over.


A man spotted stealing from a McDonald’s in Maine has been identified by police as a “real life Hamburgular”.

Oh, so when a white guy robs a store, he’s just an “homage to a cartoon character”? Really classy.


Nadya Suleman, more commonly known as the “Octomom”, has agreed to pose semi-nude in a British magazine.

We say “semi-nude” because you won’t be able to see that much boob with all those kids in the way.


A new study shows that middle school boys might be more likely to read novels if they are presented in the e-Book format.

Let’s be honest though, behind that e-copy of e-“The Grapes of Wrath”, they’re reading an e-copy of e-“Jugs”.

Also, when they say they’re reading “Black Beauty”, they’re not lying, they’re just not reading the one you know.


A two-foot statue of Dr. Seuss’ famous “Lorax” character has been stolen from his widow’s home in San Diego.

It was an honest mistake, though, Geraldo Rivera really thought it was of him.