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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Your Mom

The Short list.

#10 Not being a total bitch would be step one. ( A man runs his own life bitches.)

#9 STD and drug free. ("*Weed is not at all a drug mind you it's an herb.")

#8 not gay (at least for me because am lookin for the real thing.)

#7 Must be Unfloozy (know one like a cheater.)

#6 Being in the none crazy zone is key for any man. (Not get murdered would be nice.)

#5 Freak factor (Like that old saying goes. A lady on the street and freak in the sheets O!) 

#4 How drunk are they? (if there too drunk it's date rape guys. An no one needs that sh*t going down.)

#3 Brightness level (she better be smarter than me but that dosn't take much.)

#2 The danger factor (not in a how meany times am i going to get my ass kicked because of this chick but in the how much fun is she welling to have type of way.)

#1 Are they Bangable? (As in would i bang this chick for the rest of my life?) 

Bonus: Being Bi is also a  +  "At least for a few nights anyways."