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October 10, 2012

Infidelity has always been the main reason celebrity couples split up. Here’s a list of the top 10 celeb couples who’ve survived cheating and their subsequent reasons for staying together.


Infidelity has always been the main reason celebrity couples split up. Here’s a list of the top 10 celeb couples who’ve survived cheating and their subsequent reasons for staying together.

1. Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson

AFFAIR: Kristen had an affair with married British director, Rupert Sanders, during the filming of Snow White and The Huntsman.

REASON FOR STAYING: Because their careers (and overall relevance) literally depend on being with each other.


2. Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver

AFFAIR: It was recently revealed in his biography, Total Recall, that Arnold had numerous affairs during his lengthy marriage. Including a love child with a nanny and a long secret relationship with the buxom Brigitte Nielsen.

REASON FOR STAYING: Because Maria has a fetish for incoherent Euro-babble during sex.

Arnold-Schwarzenegger and maria shriver

3. Bill Clinton & Hillary Clinton

AFFAIR: Everyone’s familiar with the scandal the ex-president found himself in with Monica Lewinsky.

REASON FOR STAYING: Hilary, a symbol of female strength and empowerment, forgave Slick Willy’s errant wang strictly because he promised to buy her any pantsuit she’d ever want if she took him back. Looks, like Bill’s been keeping his word.


4. JFK & Jackie O.

AFFAIR: Among the plethora of infidelity that took place during JFK’s marriage to Jackie Onassis, the most famous adulterous participant was, hands down, Marilyn Monroe.

REASON FOR STAYING: Because Marilyn had the hook on all the prescription pills. First ladies like to party too, dude.

jfk and jackie o

5. Kobe & Vanessa Bryant

AFFAIR: The most notable of Kobe’s cheating career came during that fateful night in Eagle, Colorado with that hotel employee, which resulted in a tense court case and (an eventually dropped) rape charge

REASON FOR STAYING: Best friends help you through tough times. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Therefore, diamonds (and a LOT of them) helped her get over it.


6. David Letterman & Regina Lasko

AFFAIR: Letterman confessed his infidelity on live T.V. leaving America, and his new wife, Regina, shocked.

REASON FOR STAYING: Because she felt equal guilt for her attempted affair with Dave’s sidekick, Paul Shaffer, who claimed he “didn’t swing that way.”


7. Josh Duhamel & Fergie

AFFAIR: Back in ’09, Josh cheated on Fergalicious with an exotic dancer with an equally ridiculous name.

REASON FOR STAYING: The dimwitted Black Eyed Peas songstress opted to stay with Duhamel because she, “needs a man who can protect her…from robots”.


8. Frank Gifford & Kathie Lee

AFFAIR: Frank was literally caught with his pants down in 1997.

REASON FOR STAYING: With a top-rated morning talk show and vast following of stay-at-home moms rallying behind her, Kathie Lee still stuck by Frank mainly because she forgot all about it after a few boxes of white wine.


9. Congressman Anthony Weiner & Huma Abedin

AFFAIR: In 2011, this government employee texted pics of his bulge that took the world by storm.

REASON FOR STAYING: Have you seen those pictures? Fairly impressive. Let’s just say, he really lives up to his name…Anthony. (Which is Greek for “Massive Dong”)

anthony weiner affair

10. David Beckham & Victoria

AFFAIR: Though rumors were all but solidified, it’s heavily speculated that Becks cheated on Posh numerous times. The heavily tatted soccer star is adamant in his denial of the allegations, but Victoria is still bombarded with various forms of adulterous evidence regularly.

REASON FOR STAYING: Victoria chose to stay because, “He’s the only thing that makes me smile,” she said. Natural happiness being one of the many things that’s alluded her since the release of the Spice Girls movie.

david beckham and victoria