Between True Detective, The Hunger Games movies, and probably at least a few other things, in the past few years Hollywood has seen a real Woody Harrelson–saince, a term I made up but you are welcome to use as long as you ask first!

For Harrelson’s first monologue since hosting SNL in 1989, he grabbed a guitar and tried to sing a song about that year to the tune of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space.” Except in his song, the “blank space” refers to the gap in his memory resulting from excessive cocaine use. Which sounds bleak but was funny! Eventually Harrelson’s Hunger Games costars stop by to help him out, only they don’t know anything about 1989 either, because, duh, they are young and weren’t born yet.

After the monologue, a commercial for bland CBS family sitcom The Dudleys desperately tries to cater to its audience — what if we add a gay person, a black person, a character you already know from a show that you like that’s better than this one? I’m not going to say who they added or from what show, but if you look in the video player right below it’s pretty obvious. (It’s Woody from Cheers!)

The award for “most cinematic digital short 11/15/14"goes to "New Marijuana Policy.” Congratulations, short, you deserve it! The visually appealing clip follows a dreadlocked Woody Harrelson who wears long johns under his shorts and becomes honorary leader of a tribe of celebratory stoners, but the real star of this short is Leslie Jones as an enthusiastic driver who just hotboxed her car and loves the mayor.

Leslie Jones returned later to dispense relationship advice on Weekend Update, but the real treat for all you True Detective–heads was a visit from season one stars Woody Harrelson and [Taran Killam’s impression of] Matthew McConaughey. Killam’s McConaughey is so wild that Harrelson doesn’t even have to do much in this appearance, but he looks like he’s having a nice time! Aww look, he’s smiling!

If you liked Harrelson having a guitar in his monologue you will LOVE seeing that he brought it back for this weird sketch near the end of the night, where he sang a song at the campfire and got pranked by all his so-called friends. Harrelson gives this sketch his all, and then, wait, there’s ANOTHER GUITAR? I give this episode 3 out of 3 guitars!