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September 08, 2014

A man left out of work talk due to his lack of pop culture knowledge.

Area Man Under Impression VMA’s Were NEXT Sunday, Left Out Of Water Cooler Conversation


What the water cooler at Brandon’s place of work, Coldwell Banker, may have looked like.

LOS FELIZ, CA- An employee at the Los Feliz branch of Coldwell Banker was reportedly left out of the water cooler conversation this past Monday, due to his puzzling thoughts that the VMA’s were not until next Sunday.

“I just stood there and nodded, like a moron,” 34 year old Brandon Ramsey said Tuesday, less than twenty four hours after the event occurred. “I tried bringing up the Miley Cyrus twerking incident last year, but my coworkers just kept saying how amazing it was that she brought up the homeless man to accept her award, and how she’s really changing her life around”

Lisa, Head of Sales at Coldwell Banker, had this to say of the incident, “Brandon didn’t even see Beyonce’s set… it was weird.”

Brandon has since used up all four of his personal days to take the rest of the week off and “catch up on Buzzfeed.”

Sources say that Ramsey has already set his DVR to record the Emmys.