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August 12, 2014

A glimpse inside of the rioting, looting, and good times in Ferguson Missouri.

Ferguson, Missouri Looks Like a Rap Video

st louis riot.jpg

The story goes, Michael was doing hood rat shit with his friends, walking down the middle of the street. The officers warned him to get on the sidewalk, Michael refused. Here is where the story gets bizarre, he was shot 25 or 35 (I forget) feet away from the Officer, yet the Officer claimed there was a struggle for his gun. Not sure if this is like the JFK magic bullet theory or even really what happened. The only people who knows are shot or a cop.

state st louis meme.png

Young man on the news offers insight on the situation at hand.

So like a normal neighborhood dealing with the loss of someone they love, they started breaking into e very shopping center plaza store and gas station. News reels yell “Riot!”. “Looters!”. As every stupid item gets stolen and the “looters” get to burning stores to the ground. You cannot find Jordans, rims, weaves or Quick Trips in Ferguson, MO.

st louis riot 2.jpg

The streets were filled with swag. Above, a man with poor taste in football teams shows the police by committing a crime for $15, maybe $30 worth of cheap gas station wine.

Not 100% certain what any of this solved or how it was useful. But from what I have gathered from staying up watching the news and listening to police scanners;
Reports on the scanner said they were trying to rob a bank, break into a police station, grab guns from a Cabelas.
Today sites like Craigslist, eBay, etc were filled with stolen items like the ad below.

riot_bruce sweeten.jpg