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May 19, 2008


FunnyNotSlutty.com Gives New Home for Funny on the Internet 
Southern Jewish Princess Media Launches Alternative Comedy Site for the Fairer Sex

Atlanta, GA, May 19, 2008 - Finding increased exposure for her comedy web series, The Retributioners, is a mountainous battle for Stephanie Scott. The producer is always hunting for sites beyond the youth-drenched YouTube and male-dominated comedy sites for an outlet that would provide a direct connection to her core fan base – lovers of female-based comedy. Then she stumbled upon FunnyNotSlutty.com. "At last, a site exists that places funny women out in front. FunnyNotSlutty.com provides comediennes and comedy writers a forum and a way to make sure women's funny videos are given proper due," exclaims Scott.

Publisher, Jacki Schklar, created the FunnyNotSlutty.com after surfing through online video communities looking for nuggets of choice humor created for an audience beyond the age of 19 and with sensibilities more appealing to females. “We feature comedy for women created by female producers, writers, humorists and comedians. Our content may be a little smarter and a little deeper than your average web humor,” explained Schklar.

The publisher, developing her own animated comedy series, envisions a purpose to the site beyond entertaining fans of female-based comedy. The interactive site strives to introduce, publicize and support female media producers and talent. An editorial section features relevant articles and projects with a monthly update. FunnyNotSlutty.com also features a social networking function enabling members to post videos, blogs, or participate in the Funny Not Slutty Network. Meanwhile, Scott attributes a boost in her series’ viewings to recent exposure on FunnyNotSlutty.com. Female producers and writers are encouraged to submit story ideas and projects to be featured in the editorial section.

About Jacki Schklar
Jacki Schklar is the founder of Southern Jewish Princess Media, an Atlanta-based media production group with an affinity for comedic projects. She is the producer of the animated comedy short series, How to Live and Eat like a Southern Jewish Princess and a corporate production manager. For more information about FunnyNotSlutty.com, visit www.funnynotslutty.com.